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Author: Subject: my first 10 pointer

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[*] posted on 11-1-2010 at 07:20 PM Reply With Quote
my first 10 pointer

This was taken with a Matthews compound bow on 10-28-10.

I got it up in Hopatcong, NJ. It was a great story in patience. Here''s what happened. I was up in my tree which didn''t have a lot of cover since the leaves are almost gone. I had a button buck come in and it was nervous. I had to keep my eye on him because he could give away my postion. Then a 4 pointer came in without a care. Both were to my left. I also keep my bow on that side since that is where they usually come from. I keep looking around for anything running around because the rut has begun. I see a tail off to the right behind an outcropping of big rocks. Couldn''t see anything but the tail and I only saw that for just a few seconds. I had to keep my eye over there too. Past those rocks I see a few does coming from the houses. I had to keep my eye on them. The small bucks are below me. I have to keep my eye on them. All this is going on at the same time and all around me. I knew something was going on. When this happens the deer will tell me a lot. They will tell me where the other ones are. They will tell the other deer where I am. I have to be still yet keep looking. Then I see him come from behind the rocks. Holy crap! I knew this was a once in long long while deer. (I have never seen one like this in 25 years). So, he is making a scrape on the ground about 40 yards away. Too far for me to shoot comfortably. He is also rubbing his rack in the branches and while he is doing it he is looking right in my direction but was focused on the rubbing so he didnt see me. I have to slowly take my bow from the left side of the tree to the right side without letting the bucks below me spot me. I couldn''t take my eyes off the big buck because I didn''t want to move anymore then I had to. I got the bow to the right side and ready. The does were behind him. Crap. That means that he is between us which isnt good. The doe started going in the opposite direction. The buck started after it, going away. Crap! Too far to shoot and I didn''t want to risk wounding it. (That''s the discipline) I was ready to let him go. Then the doe turned and ran toward me and right past me at about 20 yards. I knew it was on. The big buck started after her, walking slowly. I turned and got ready to shoot straight ahead of me at where the buck will pass. I kept looking way to my left as he came into the killing zone. Now, remember, all the while there are about 6 deer around me that could give me up. Really nerve racking. He was walking right to where I was ready to shoot. I drew my bow and waited. Then he was there. I made a bleeting noise. He stopped but right behind a small tree covering his vitals. CRAP!! I kept my bow drawn but knew I couldn''t hold it too long and shoot accurately. I also knew he could bolt at any moment because of my bleet. Then he took a few steps. I bleeted again. He stopped. I put my pin on his heart and, once it was there, shot. (it''s weird because once I know it''s on the spot I release without even thinking anymore). It hit him right over the heart and came out the other side on it''s upper leg. He ran like a freight train. I knew it was done. I watched him run for like 100 yards into a swamp then nothing. Then the brutal waiting came. I was so jacked up it was hard to stay in the tree. I waited for like 15 minutes then couldn''t stand it any more so I got down and left all my stuff there and went to my truck to wait it out. If he was dead he was dead. If he was alive I didn''t want to kick it up. About an hour later I went to where I shot. The front of the arrow broke off. I never found the feathers. I tracked him into the swamp and found him. There were 2 times I said "Holy crap! WOW!" with the tone I said it. The first time was last year when I had the hottest chick in the world in a hotel room in Pa. "Holy crap! WOW!" The second time was when I found this one. "Holy crap! WOW!". I gutted him and dragged him to the truck which took a long time since I was alone. I had to build a ramp to get him in the back. It weighed about 180. I didn''t get him scored yet. Hoped you enjoyed this story. When I tell you about practicing, being patient and make sure of your shot, this is the exact reason why. I know too many assholes who lost deer bigger then this because the dont have patience to wait it out.

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[*] posted on 11-4-2010 at 08:48 PM Reply With Quote

Great story! Great Deer!!!!!! Thanks for posting!
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[*] posted on 11-9-2010 at 06:46 PM Reply With Quote

Outstanding!!! What time of day was this?? I''ve only been seeing deer just before it goes completely dark.
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[*] posted on 11-10-2010 at 08:17 AM Reply With Quote

Fantastic story! I should be so lucky!!
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